Pusong Li͏g͏a͏w 188

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Story line

Pusong Ligaw is a classic story about friendship, love, and achieving dreams. Two women, Tessa and Marga are bound by a promise to keep their friendship forever. This fictional drama follows them through the disintegration of their friendship, the tragedy in their lives and their children's, and their reconciliation. They both come from poor families but Tessa and Marga always support each other as they face their issues, struggles, challenges, as well as the happy experiences of their youth. Their bond is tested when Caloy enters their lives. Caloy has a historical relationship with Marga, but she prefers to keep it platonic. He meets Tessa and they fall in love. Marga changes her mind about Caloy and decides she can win him back. As Tessa pursues her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Caloy gets jealous of Tessa's mentor, the wealthy and influential Jaime Laurel, owner of a fashion conglomerate in Asia and America, who invites Tessa to one of his events. Marga uses Caloy's jealousy to undermine his faith in Tessa, and in one drunken evening, they spend the night together.

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