We Will Su͏r͏v͏i͏v͏e 97

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Story line

Two probinsiyanas and childhood friends, Wilma; a sure-footed family woman and Maricel; a risk-taking dreamer, both experienced heartaches that sealed their friendship-- but after these heartaches, they both had a resolve that they will survive. Wilma decides to go to Manila to forget her heartache, and find growth in terms of her career-- for herself, and her family. Maricel on the other hand, decides to stay in Albay to focus on her dream and become a Hotel General Manager. With Wilma's temporary absence in Maricel's life, Maricel meets a man who will help her recover from her heartache and she immediately falls in love with this man. Both Wilma and Maricel are seemingly recovering from their past heartaches, until one day, their lives are both shaken by one ultimate test of their friendship. Will Wilma and Maricel survive?

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