Hana Nochi Ha͏r͏e March 3 2021

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Story line

The story is set ten years after the original F4 graduated. Since their departure, the school has been on a steady decline. Correct 5 (コレクト5) is thus formed at the high school by Haruto Kaguragi and his 4 friends. Their goal is to find deadbeat students and kick them out of the school. Haruto Kaguragi is the most popular boy at Eitoku Academy. However, he secretly orders self-help items online to become strong. Oto Edogawa is a female student at Eitoku who pretends to be rich in order to fit in when in reality, she is impoverished. She works part-time at a convenience store, when one night she sees Haruto Kaguragi coming into the store picking up the items he had purchased. Both are shocked to see each other. The next day, they confront each other and agree to keep each other\'s secrets. Much like the original series, Kaguragi ends up falling for Edogawa when she puts him in his place during a party. It is unfortunate for Kaguragi though as Edogawa is engaged to Hase Tenma, the student body president of Eitoku\'s rival academy, Momonozono.

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