Innamorata (TV series) July 21 2021

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Story line

Innamorata, an Italian word which means “My Love” offers a dramatic and mystifying story that will reassure every woman that in spite of all her struggles, fears, and insecurities, there is a kind of love so powerful it makes all things beautiful. Engagingly driving the curiosity of viewers is the journey of Esperanza, a young lady who suffers from a hereditary skin disease porphyria—a genetic disorder that develops blisters, itching, and swelling of the skin specifically when exposed to sunlight. In spite of being taunted by neighbors and mistreated by adoptive mother Delia, Esperanza remains to be optimistic. Behind her physical appearance is an inner desire to be beautiful. Capturing her heart is Edwin whom she will meet while working in a shoe factory. He is the blind son of Lloyd, the arrogant owner of the factory. Because of Esperanza's admirable disposition in life, their friendship eventually blooms. One time, they get to read the poem entitled Innamorata which both of them can relate to. Edwin gives Esperanza a music box which for her is a sign that someone can accept her despite her physical appearance. Unfortunately, Lloyd learns about their friendship. Because of her disease, Lloyd moves Esperanza out of the factory and tells Edwin to just focus on Gina –an aspiring actress and daughter of Cenon and Alice. Because Esperanza can't help anymore in the household, Delia forces her to leave. Just right in time, a lawyer approaches and brings her to a mansion where he will meet Leandro—a rich man who also has porphyria. Accompanying Esperanza is her childhood friend Dencio who will also fall in love with Esperanza. As he stays with Esperanza in the mansion, Dencio will witness changes in Esperanza's life. Soon after, Leandro finds out that Esperanza is his daughter. Despite living affluently with her father, Esperanza still longs for something. One night, she opens her music box and as she falls asleep, she dreams of a beautiful lady named Alejandra who happens to be her grandmother. Her visions of Alejandra recur. She will also find a ruby necklace that when worn makes her beautiful, while the face of Alejandra in the painting mysteriously gets ugly. As the days pass, more mysterious things happen in the mansion. Will Esperanza continue to hold on to her desire to be beautiful? What consequences await her in her quest for beauty? Will she find love so powerful that can make all things beautiful?

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