The Good Daughter October 13 2021

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Story line

Tina (Glydel Mercado) is a poor provincial lass who works as a therapist in a resort where Rico Guevarra (Raymond Bagatsing) the carefree and charming heir of a coffee business, checks in. Heartbroken after his girlfriend Sharon (Alicia Mayer) left him for another man, Rico seduces Tina and impregnates her, leading to an unwanted marriage. However, Tina proves her worth as Rico's wife through their daughter Bea, and soon Rico finds himself falling in love with her, for real. At the same time, Sharon returns from the U.S. as a bankrupted widow with two children, her eldest Frances, and her only son, Darwin. The two ex-lovers meet again and Rico proposes to be their benefactor- which leads to a forbidden affair. Through this, Sharon and Rico's daughter, Julia, was born.

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